Elend – 1998 – The Umbersun

The Umbersun / Au tréfonds des Ténèbres (Music for Nations 1998; CDMFN239)

Пластиковая коробка

Полное время альбома: 66:48

  • Sopranos: Tricia Bentley, Hilary Brennan, Rachael Clegg, Bridget Corderoy, Carolynne Cox, Sally Donegani, Alison Eden, Karen Filsell, Claire Hills, Rachel King, Felice Kuin, Wendy Norman, Kathy Willis, Olivia Maffett.
  • Altos: Debbie Bright, Kathryn Cook, Denise Fabb, Victoria Kendall, Katy Meiklejohn, Yvette Miller, Fiona Robinson, Hatty Webb, Lorna Youngs.
  • Basses: Tim Bull, Tim Colbourn, Peter da Costa, Mark Fenton, Michael King.
  • Director: Peter Broadbent.
  • Solo soprano: Nathalie Barbary.
  • Whispered female voice: Alison Eden.
  • All other vocals, instruments, sequencing, programming and sound-editing by Iskandar Hasnawi, Sébastien Roland and Renaud Tschirner.
  • Words and music by Hasnawi/Tschirner. (c) 1998 Fair & Square.
  • Recorded at Wolf Studios, London (1997).
  • Engineered by Dominique Brethes and Damian Taylor.
  • Mixed by Dominique Brethes and Sébastien Roland.
  • Produced by Elend and Dominique Brethes.
  • Pre-produced by Elend at The Fall Studios.
  • Mastered by Dominique Brethes.
  • Artwork by Iskandar Hasnawi and Martin Verdet.
  • Le Christ de Pascal (c) Rights reserved. Archives du Seuil.

(p) & (c) 1998 Music For Nations.

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